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I have many years of experience with substance abuse/addiction and it stems from many differen angels. For many years I was the support for a loved one trying to sober up from alcohol but 2016 ended up being the year that he decided to quit. After 15 years of ups and downs with his addiction and many years of worry, stress and disappointment that came with it. 

We all as a family suffered a great deal from this. It was hard, we didn’t feel like we had any outside support, so we continued our own lives while going through it. We just kept getting told that he has to want to do this on his own after hearing it so many times, we kind of just gave up thinking that that there was nothing out there for us and he wasn’t going to sober up. We tried to reach out to get the help on so many occasions but there was nothing for us.

Eventually he reached his point of where he wanted to make an actual change, he has now been sober for 8 years. Something that we truly never thought would happen. I was the one in the thick of it with him, trying to locate him when he was out, making sure he’s safe. I was his go to person and his main support. So when he asked me to go to the AA meetings with him so that he felt more comfortable, of course I was going to do it. This led me to really want to change my lifestyle even though, I already knew that I wanted to quit drinking. I knew I too was an alcoholic In the meantime, my best friend was suffering as well. We had been friends for 20 years died of a drug over dose. He was my go-to person, my right side. I relied on him for everything. He had been an addict for years, trying to quit, change his lifestyle but kept bouncing back to it. Eventually succumbing to the disease and overdosing in 2019.

My experience lies in all aspects of addiction, I know what it is like to struggle with it, have a loved one that went through it in such a way that it severely affected our entire family and I lost someone I am close to due to it.




Ashleigh Worley is a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist who has been practicing this mind, body, and spirit medicine since 2019. Her passion is helping others that are struggling with addiction, overcoming trauma and PTSD with an anti- oppressive approach. Ashleigh has taken specific training courses to guide this work and through serving others, her purpose is to help you find your inner balance and harmony and wants to support you in your journey to a healthier and happier life.

By bringing an intention of healing to everyone with whom she shares Acu Detox, she illuminates how each and everyone she has the privilege to work with has the capacity to transform. Over the years, Ashleigh’s strengths gamered some recognition by achieving Diamond Winner for the readers choice awards 2020 for best acupuncturist. Ashleigh may spend

their days between multiple clinics and home calls but itis the powerful energy exchange and gratitude that gets her up every day

When Ashleigh is not in the clinics or house calls, she loves taking her dog, Ruby, to the park, hiking, and kayaking

Ashleigh Worley RAG.

Christopher McFadden - Founder & Director, The McFadden Group

Christopher is originally from Burlington, Ontario and has spent over 20 years in the restaurant industry, primarily on the west coast.

While spending most of his younger years in the acting profession, he discovered a passion for the hospitality industry when Fairmont Hotels welcomed him to the Chateau Lake Louise in 2000. Quickly finding a love for wine, Christopher began his Sommelier studies with the International Sommelier Guild in 2001, graduating in 2004.

With a tenure exceeding 25 years within the Canadian restaurant industry in a variety of Management and Sommelier roles; Christopher has always focused on the development of team relationships and guest relationships to create long term successes for his businesses. Now providing Hospitality Leadership Coaching through his own company; The McFadden Group and his partnered company, RL101 (Restaurant Leadership101) he focuses on taking care of others' mental health by developing their soft/human skills in hospitality. Helping others get their feet back on track…just like I did.

Christopher and his wife, Joanne live in Burlington to be closer to family. With this, he is driven to ensure his personal growth is achieved so he can be a better leader for both himself and the people around him.

While proudly ‘hanging up’ the wine glass in 2017, but sadly slipping off the sober track; Christopher is proud again to hold the title of ‘Sober Somm’ and has hung the glass back up…for good now.

He realized - "To truly be happy, one must achieve a better version of themselves to be better for others” and that is exactly what he has done.

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